Faux Pearl Necklaces

Necklaces are $10 for 50cm length, and $12 for ~ 75cm length.

A sample of the available designs are pictured below. There are many others which are not pictured and there is also a high turnover so the currently available designs change very fast.

For customized designs please get in touch and make an enquiry.

Click on image to view a larger photo of an item.


50cm length ($10)

Black colour

Light grey colour

Rose colour

Deep brown colour

Rose & light grey colour

Olive & beige colour

Blue and Silver with silver filigree caps

Black and White with silver filigree caps

Maroon and Off White

Purple and Lilac

Turquoise Green and Light Green

Orange and Off White

Red and Gold

Olive Green and Pale Green

Pink, Dark Pink and Black

Gold and Beige

Dark Red and Gold

Grey and Dark Red

Dark Pink and Pink

Bright Green and Light Green

Dark Blue and Light Blue

Dark Chocolate and Light Brown


~ 75cm length ($12)


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